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yeah , yeah , ok class I’m giving each group of you a different era of history to research and , the question is what impact did your era have on the modern world

Sarah your group has the ancient Greeks Robbie you put the Romans and studies , group gets , ah yes a bit of a challenge for you ,

you get the Middle Ages some even call it the dark ages worry , see how you get on yes mish , yes , that the librarian I guess so how was the dark ages gonna have anything to do , with us , excuse me what about you what do you want , we need to find out what impact the dark ages had in the modern world , never was a period of history so poorly named don’t touch ,

it’s priceless , and I suppose someone has been filling your head with the usual nonsense a , thousand wasted years , a black hole in history am i right and yes off ,

she’s always the same issue it was all not disease death and destruction with , marauding mobs of barbarians ripping down the good of former civilizations , burning and plundering as they went , nothing of any worth invented either a , go on girl for you sorry to bother you , come on it’s probably not worth it everyone knows that the Greeks and , Romans invented everything anyway , oh did they now you’re sure about that are you , you know I might just have something for you he seems to be up to the task ,

I suppose I could follow me , I’ve got just the book for you , yeah , why are we go to know how scared that she’s mean , where are we going from darkness into light my young friend from ocean onto , land there are things you should know , oh yes indeed , that’s it , now I know I lift around this from , ah , here it is , now , take a look ,

if you dare , yeah , going on , welcome to the dark ages or as it should be known , the golden age who are you I am , I’ll jelly engineer and ingenious inventor , I thought you said this is a dark ages it doesn’t look very dark , that’s because it’s all a matter of perspective my soon to be eliminated , friend of course they’re past the world that were dark at all but in a , civilization that stretched from Spain to China the golden rays of discovery , and invention shop over everything , what civilization the Muslim civilization my young friend through , scholars and scientists of various faiths some of the most important , discoveries known to man were made at this time , discoveries that drew on knowledge of the Ancients , but have more connections of your modern world and you could possibly ever , imagine , like what well all sorts of things , I’m going to get a picture of this , yeah ,

I knew it was a good idea how are you , allow me to introduce Ben oh right on a great scientist whose ideas led to the , invention of the camera , you invented the camera I laid the foundations for modern cameras by , explain , how is work , I found a way of projecting an image onto another surface to a small hole in , a dark room later cord , camera obscura think of all the things that have all from this discovery , cameras cinema all share the same principle , kyoool , look out below , who’s that that’s my good friend a bus had been four of us who gazed up to the , heavens passionate in his belief that man could fly , for indeed he dared to dream about flying a thousand years before the , wright brothers you know you will take your jet setting holidays for granted so , it only seems fair to remember a pass , you’ve been unearthed stand by ,

I’ve all ready for takeoff , ok , you did forget one thing there , the tail useful and is there a doctor in the house , did someone call my old friend why don’t you introduce yourself to my young , guests ,

I am a ball costume out of Robbie many call me the father of surgery did you , actually do surgery back then for sweeping in fact many of the surgical , tools that i invented are still used in your modern hospitals , excuse me a patient needs my attention , scalpel needs them in that case our use , catgut can’t get from the gut of animals a perfect for stitching up internal , wounds , the surgeons are still using it today sorry mustache , yeah , sushi that’s , Mary and Chester lobby one of the many brilliant women have a time she made , sophisticated astrolabes Astro , what astrolabes they share the sky and the stars and a small flat plate you can , hold in your hand , think of them as ancient calculating or timekeeping devices today have you watch , the compass satellite navigation helping people and explorers travel the world , science and it’s brilliant first though these seams were developed during the , golden ages and that’s just the tip of the iceberg , there were thousands of other inventions covering all areas of life and in the , years that followed the influence spread across the whole of medieval Europe so ,

you see wasn’t so dark after all about you , me what did you invent what I don’t want to be beheaded but it made some , groundbreaking advances and engineering I suppose , morning most significant discovery converted rotary motion into the linear , motion using a crank and connecting , it’s essentially pumps and engines attract have no idea how the industrial , revolution could have happened hundreds of years later , without such a device but I ever get the credit I’m but my crowning glory was my , amazing time telling machine , my legendary important , it’s a clock , dozens of components , collected from different cultures around the world indian creek , arabian Egyptian Chinese ,

wow I United Nations club that is pretty cold doesn’t actually tell the time , Wow yes of course it wasn’t for me , thousands of people would be late for everything , speaking of time we better get you back and remember , spread the word this is a golden age and eventually the tiny part of this , wondrous time , there are countless other scientists and inventions directly connected to your , modern world just gonna have to find out for ourselves , the life , well did you , yeah that wasn’t quite so boring , come on what can be laid , yeah , yeah , so what have we learned the Romans the Greeks the nascence and the Industrial , Revolution all have great relevance to us today , he’s going to service I’m tribute doll kg screen you probably had a much harder , time finding any connections with the modern world actually miss that’s not , strictly true , yeah , yeah , yeah